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Video Essence Review – It’s coming tomorrow!

Since I am one of the few marketers that have had the privilege of being able to try Video Essence prior to its release tomorrow morning, I’d like to tell you a little bit about what they have in store with this WordPress plugin and I’ll also discuss whether this product is worth it for you.

Video Essence is a WordPress Plugin used to create highly interactive and engaging video websites. It should not be confused with a plugin that creates tube sites because it is nothing of the sort. It is better to interpret this as a plugin that creates websites that have been setup to rank high in the search engines and generate leads and/or sales.

The reason it’s setup to rank high in the search engines has to do with the fact people spend more time on websites with videos because they are more likely to watch them. If you have ever looked at your website’s statistical reports, you will notice a stat that tracks each visitor’s average visit based on duration. One of the biggest search engine ranking factors is time spent on websites, so this is why having a website that is rich with video content has a certain advantage.

As far as Video Essence being a profit generation machine, this is because the plugin does not simply allow you to place videos in your posts, but it also allows you to add several features to the video itself. Even YouTube will not allow you to add these features. I will tell you what these features are, but I have also found a Video Essence review that explains these video features in more detail. These Video Essence features include being able to add a Call to Action button on the video, subscription fields, image banners, videos (short ads that play before the main video), and annotations. If you are the type of person that looks at each visitor as a real person with a wallet – as you should – then you should be able to see the great opportunity that presents itself right here.

People have asked me whether they would benefit from Video Essence. I really don’t like to seem absolute and biased here, but I can’t help the facts: Everyone can benefit from this product because everyone that has a website should be taking advantage of video marketing. There is no better opportunity to make money online than there is with video marketing and this program allows you to create and optimize a video website more efficiently and more effectively than any other product I have seen.



Zamurai Video BootcampI started doing Internet Marketing almost 4 years ago and over this time, I have witnessed the constantly changing trends that influence how Internet Marketers pursue the remarkable amounts of money being spent online at every second. Everyone wants a slice of the pie, but the methodology is always changing and Google’s updates have single the greatest influence on the latest strategies.

Whenever a new algorithm is released by the “Big G” the natural reaction among Internet Marketers is to analyze the new situation and determine what is the most efficient and most effective way to make money online now? Some of these methods are able to withstand multiple Google updates and remain effective. For a few years, small Adsense sites became incredibly viable, but this was before my time.

When I got started with Internet Marketing, the strategy being used at the time actually still works very well on Bing today and it involved building EMD websites which stands for Exact Match Domain. Basically there was a way for even the small Internet Marketer to rank high for various keywords by simply registering a domain in the format yourexactkeyword.com. EMD’s were heavyweights in the SERP’s even if they did not have much content on them. In addition to building EMD websites, building as many backlinks as possible was also very effective. At the time, quantity was more important than quantity. This changed for the first time with the Penguin update in late 2012 (I believe). The Penguin algorithm would penalize low quality EMD websites and websites with few high quality backlinks had an advantage in the SERP’s versus websites with high quantity but low quality link profiles. In addition, branded authority domains with high Domain Authority scores also enjoyed a significant advantage over all other websites.

But Internet Marketers quickly realized there was an exception to this rule. This exception was something that would pave the way for the rise of Web 2.0’s and especially the world’s #2 search engine which – in case you didn’t know – is none other than YouTube.

The reason Web 2.0 pages (Blogspot, WordPress.com, Google Sites, Tumblr, etc.) were beginning to rank higher on Google is because they all had very high Domain Authority. What this meant for Internet Marketers is that sending large quantities of any types of backlinks to websites with high Domain Authorities would generally allow them to rank with the same strategy that was previously used with their own domains. In some cases, the process for building and ranking a Web 2.0 blog became a lot easier and more effective than trying to establish a new domain.

But for the past couple years, there is one website that has dominated all Web 2.0’s and allows us to use the most old school backlinking methods with the same results as they had in the glory days and that is – once again – YouTube.

Immediately following the release of Penguin, one of my few acquaintances in Internet Marketing advised me that ranking YouTube videos had become incredibly effective for him. He would literally create a new YouTube video about just about anything and as long as there weren’t a lot of other videos on that subject, it was practically guaranteed that his videos would rank on Page 1 of Google even with any backlinks! I took his advice and noticed the exact same results. Even though my websites had plummeted into oblivion after Penguin, I found YouTube videos to be my saving grace.

Believe it or not, it took a while for Internet Marketers to catch on to just how effective YouTube had become, but once they did, the news went absolutely viral and competition started to increase. Soon, Internet Marketers were scrambling to find their method to gain the “unfair advantage” for ranking on YouTube and they would either keep this method for themselves or they would release an Ebook or Video Course sharing their greatest “secret” with fellow Internet Marketers.

In a nutshell this was the original ranking process on YouTube:

1. Create a video
2. Set the file name to your exact keyword
3. Edit the video’s file properties where you can give it a rating, set the title, description, and tags (keywords).
4. Upload the video in HD resolution to YouTube with your exact keyword mentioned twice in the Title, as much content as possible in your description (keyword stuffing was encouraged), and find as many tags as possible.
5. Optional: Purchase a Fiverr gig that will build tons of blog comments, Wiki’s, and social bookmarking links to your videos.

For about a year, that was the recipe for ranking videos high on Google, but like every other effective method, it stops working as well once everyone starts doing it.

That’s why the method had to be optimized further and perfected because let’s face it, if we are optimizing our videos with the ranking method above, and everyone else is doing the same thing for videos with your keyword, how does that give you any advantage?

So right now – as I write this article – there is a new YouTube domination ranking method, but very few people know about it.

Internet Marketing Seminar

Inside an Internet Marketing Seminar

Enter Joshua Zamora

Joshua Zamora is a multi-millionaire and Video Marketing expert that started doing Internet Marketing in 2010. When he started, he knew hardly anything about the Internet, which makes him living proof that it does not require tech savvy to become a successful Internet Marketer. In fact, most successful Internet Marketers are most certainly not tech savvy, so that is one of the biggest misconceptions out there.

He started at the very bottom, but his methodology and approach was impeccable. Before taking action, Joshua Zamora did something that every successful Internet Marketer must do sooner or later before they will become successful:

He researched all of the current “money getting” strategies in Internet Marketing, and carefully chose one method that he believed to be the most viable.

Ultimately, he decided that he would invest his time and effort into Affiliate Marketing with YouTube and most importantly, he promised himself that he would not let himself get sucked into all of the other “promising” methods for overnight riches in Internet Marketing which is not necessarily to say they do not work, but it’s because a person will never succeed if they are trying to master 5 different things simultaneously. In the end, you will never given any one of these methods a sufficient amount of attention to enjoy the success you desire.

Joshua succeeded – in part – because he did not fall into the same trap as most Internet Marketers – including myself – have fallen into.

At one point, he created an Affiliate Marketing video and published it to YouTube. This video featured himself talking about a product that he purchased for about 3 minutes and took a few minutes more to produce the video. The result from this video was $400 in profits!

He was instantly blown away by the fact that he could make a few hundred dollars from one YouTube video that simply featured himself talking about a product.

The beauty of this is very clear:

Nothing can be scaled as easily as YouTube videos and they are free to create so there are absolutely NO LIMITS!

But once again, more and more Internet Marketers started to realize this and take advantage, which made it increasingly difficult to create videos that would rank #1, #2, or #3 on Google and YouTube.

When Joshua found that his videos were not ranking as well as they once did, he went back to the drawing board, utilized every Internet Marketing resource at his disposal, combined the knowledge obtained through these resources, and perfected his ranking strategy once again.

Today, Joshua Zamora is ranking #1 for more YouTube videos than ANY Internet Marketer I’ve seen!

Last month, Joshua Zamora launched the Zamurai Video Bootcamp, which was a YouTube marketing training that took place over the course of 4 weeks. His private audience was limited to 30 students that were enrolled in his Coaching program.

The feedback from the Zamurai Video Bootcamp was tremendous and his students RAVED about the results they were getting from this training.

As a result, it made TOO MUCH SENSE to release the recorded sessions as a Video Marketing product.

We are talking about the BEST YouTube marketing training course available today.

=> Click here for direct access to the Zamurai Video Bootcamp

He is also selling this course for a price that is much cheaper than his competitors’ inferior YouTube marketing products.

I am telling you about the Zamurai Video Bootcamp today for THREE reasons:

1. Video Marketing is the best way to make money online in 2014 and anyone can do it (even newbies starting from the bottom like Joshua Zamora did)

2. There are dozens of well known YouTube Marketing products in the market, but NONE of them have been taught by someone with the same level of success as Joshua. This method has PROVEN results and can be used to Rank #1 at least 90% of the time and therefore bank up to $500 per video.

3. If you purchase this course through http://zamuraivideobootcamp.net you will qualify for a Discount and Exclusive Bonus that is not being offered elsewhere. The Bonus consists of 29 premium Internet Marketing products that will allow you to hit the ground running FAST. Click here to see the bonus

With that all being said, I am now leaving the decision up to you. In return for a price that anyone can afford, you will have the opportunity to start a thriving and highly profitable business on YouTube, and perhaps even quit your day job like I did after 7 grueling years of being completely taken advantage of.

=> Click here for direct access to the Zamurai Video Bootcamp


business womanThere are a number of fairly low costs means that one can use to promote and advertise their products through the internet. Most of business class people are now online and have enjoyed the convenience and ease of trading from internet business. Some of the ways include setting up one’s own site. This can be done by an individual or perhaps by outsourcing someone to do it for them. Odesk immediately comes to mind as a great place to connect with qualified workers in other countries towards the purpose of outsourcing. One can have a nice site designed for their businesses and have it registered to a domain name for a small fee. In fact, if you search for “.com coupon codes” or “domain coupon codes” you will usually find at least one registrar that is offering 1 year .com registration for $0.99! Once your website is registered and you have purchased a web hosting plan, make sure your site is easy to navigate and has useful and interesting information. Today, Google rewards websites with high quality unique content more than anything else. To improve your business, you may consider PPC (pay per click). Since online advertising has a large reach, one can set a price that they are willing to pay whenever someone clicks on the advert and obtain targeted site traffic at relatively low costs. Such ads allow one to set up an advertising budget on daily basis and have the freedom to cancel and restart their ads whenever they feel like.

Another popular method today is utilizing You Tube to promote one’s business. This is among the popular and most creative way to display information of one’s business by use of videos. One of the ways include uploading your company’s video among others. One can also participate in forums and blogs. This is where one presents themselves as experts who are out to genuinely assist in resolving clients’ problems. The other vital way is the use of email marketing. This is where you create a list of potential customers which you will have to keep in touch on regular basis. Nevertheless, you have to be aware that some clients regard them as spam and may end up complaining. Also get on Facebook just in case you are not there. Much can be of use here including Facebook ads, the updates and the fan pages just to keep your clients posted for new business happenings.

Twitter can work for you too. Try and find a good Twitter handle that is related to your business and keep tweeting updates. Join and be part of Pinterest. Pinterest creates a platform of visual social media input where one can feed it with well taken pictures of their business items and any relevant images. Try and make it interesting though, more compelling and shareable. Make use of Google+ business pages. Through this media, you could can join social groups, share some of their photographs and crucial information regarding their businesses and you could also link up with their diverse clients on Google Hangouts. The other viable method is through utilizing SurveyMonkey methodology to gather the much needed insights into their businesses. One could also link up surveys carried out SurveyMonkey via their website, Facebook, twitter and Googleplus accounts.

It is an excellent idea to keep the social media engagements significant and thoughtful. Today, the social media has come out to be an excellent tool for most businesses and in a way they can be misrepresented and generate follower fatigue, unfollows, unlikes and annoyance if misused. Generally it is good to view your followers and fans as people and customers at the same time. Make vital connections with people and once they are impressed by you then you will have that superiority say in business. Follow them consistently, befriend them through their profiles and maintain some interest in them. Interact with them and don’t presuppose that because you are advertising or promoting certain things to them, that they just want that.

In your interactions, make sure you provide meaningful contents, because that is what matters. Try and link with clients and organization that one’s brand should be linked to, share the contents around and have conversation with them online.



I recently stumbled upon a very professional WordPress theme that is coming out on May 27, 2014 and I am EXTREMELY excited about its release!

Rent A Serp boxI’m not going to tell you everything there is to know about this theme because there is another site I’ll refer you towards that purpose, but I will briefly mention why I’m excited as hell about the release:

1. HOT METHOD: It’s geared to rank Local SEO websites that is currently the hottest means to online income. People are renting out sites and leads for recurring monthly payments and making 6-figure incomes with this method!

2. NO PLUGINS NECESSARY:  This theme incorporates all modern SEO requirements already built into the theme itself. This includes Silo page structure, Opt-in forms, SEO (as mentioned), and much more.

3. STEP-BY-STEP COMPLETE SITE IN 20 MINUTES: One of the most exciting things I’ve heard about this theme is that you can build a 100% complete Local SEO site in ~20 minutes with an incredibly easy built in installation. This is why they say “For the Local SEO Veteran or Total Newbie” on the box itself.

Is Rent-A-Serp for me?

Since Rent A Serp deals with a very specific type of website (Local SEO sites) this theme is not for everyone. In the past, I have purchased some really cool products that offer something that I had no intention of using with my own business and basically fell victim to a killer sales page.

As I mentioned before, Local SEO is the hottest online business approach right now and from my own experience and knowing literally anyone can learn to rank local sites, no matter your level of online expertise, I highly recommend this method to anyone…

BUT… you should also only consider buying the Rent A Serp theme if you are serious about Local SEO!

Who is offering the best bonus with Rent A Serp?

When I have the opportunity to choose from different free bonuses that come with a product, I’m usually looking for bonuses that are relevant to the product itself.

On 5/27, I know exactly which bonus I’m going for because it promises to teach us everything we need to know about Local SEO and therefore get the most out of the main product, which is your Rent A Serp theme.

I am referring to an unreleased eBook called Local Business Websites for Newbies that was written by a fellow webmaster that went through the same struggle as the rest of us and landed on the Local SEO method (Local business websites) and hasn’t looked back. I think it’s important to know what you’re doing with this theme, so this is my personal choice.

Access the complete review and bonus at http://RentASerpBonus.com


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